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Fredsgatan 12, Malmö, Sweden
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There is a good reason American style sports bars are growing in popularity and popping up all over the world. They are a fun place to hang out, get some tasty food, and relax with friends while watching a game.
O’Learys is authentic in every way right down to the couple that started the idea. Anne O’Leary met her husband Jonas while he was working at a restaurant in Boston. Shortly after moving back to Sweden, the couple decided to start the franchise and the rest is history.
The restaurant is decorated in the traditional way with sports memorabilia, pictures, and colors celebrating all that Boston has to offer. This is a great place for American sports fans to sit back and feel at home while while they watch the legendary New England Patriots or Boston Red Sox.
The food here is also everything you would expect from an American sports bar and restaurant. They have great burgers, wings, and nachos. Even the items on the menu carry the Boston theme with a Green Monster Burger and the Jamaica Plain cocktail. Drinks are cold and delicious and they even serve Samuel Adams.
After dinner you can enjoy some bowling or shuffleboard with friends, making this the perfect place for birthday parties or a night out with friends. If you are here with the kids, or feeling nostalgic, head over to the game room for some arcade games while you wait for your lane to open up.